There’s an app for that!

Michael Nielsen says: “Der er en app til alt!”

WIM by Telos Team extends the reach of Business Central to hand-held devices and kiosk PCs.

Sproom Integration

Automatically transfer invoices and credit memos to Sproom for sending electronic OIOUBL invoices to customers.

CrossAd Integration

This extension exchanges data with CrossAd making BC an invoicing engine for CrossAd.

Dun & Bradstreet Integration

With this app you can get data from Dun & Bradstreet for updating and showing information in Business Central.

TransPas Integration

The program for TMS (fleet management) called TransPas is now integrated with Business Central.

Azure File Share Integration

We can import and export files from an Azure File Share – without any user intervention.

Rename App

With this app you can join or rename various master data manually or through a job.

Change Log overview

This can be used for an easy and structured access to the change log on any page.

GDPdU Data Export

The app for GDPdU can help you export data for the German authorities.

Greenland Payroll let you handle your salary functions inside Business Central.

Contracts, agreements, holidays etc. based on the rules in Greenland.

Telos Team Palette Integration handles import and export of data with Palette document management.

Consignor Integration

Consignor integration makes creation and handling of freight notes easy. All major transporters and services are handled.

Translation Extension

Our app for translating Business Central apps can be used anyone who develops apps. It can use previous xliff files for suggestions.

PlanEven Purchase Portal

This is an integration to PlanEvens Purchase Portal.

PlanEven – Inventory Management & Optimization

This is an integration to PlanEvens Inventory Management & Optimization.